Monday, November 17, 2008

SEO School Book and IttyBiz

Its been a while since I've posted due to work constraints and trying to focus more on my home life, but I've just come across a great site and a great product I wanted to share over at

Yes, that's my affiliate link so go right-ahead and visit that site, and you will be helping both of us make some money. Make that all three of us: you, me, and Naomi over at IttyBiz. That is one thing I still believe in regarding referral and affiliate marketing: everyone really does help each other out.

Anyway, Naomi has just opened and SEO School, so if you want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (how to get ranked well in search engines, which increases visitors to your site, which should increase sales!) than check out Naomi's new program.

Naomi's site also has a lot of great articles and other great free information, so help out her and her cute family by visiting to see what she's got to offer.

Now if you think THAT's impressive, Naomi has also just started a Home Business School. You can purchase it directly at:Buy Now or you can click here to view more details.

I really respect Naomi and her family for putting it all out there on her site. She puts all the cards on the table and tells it how it really is. I found her site and sent a quick question before writing this post, and she responded to me personally in a timely manner and provided me with some very valuable information. I hope that you'll check out her site and see how she can help you make money online.

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