Friday, March 27, 2009

Using Twitter to gain readers

You might be reading this posting because you came here from a Twitter message (aka a Tweet) that I sent out, but I actually hope that somehow you came to this post and don't really know what Twitter is all about.

Well, Twitter is basically all about "microblogging". If you are familiar with Facebook than you are familiar with its status update feature. That's microblogging. A much more definitely look at microblogging can be found over at Microgeist. He did a much better job of explaining it than I could.

The thing about Twitter is that it can track the number of people who are interested in hearing what you say, and they're called followers. It works out that if you have a product you are trying to sell (like trying to make money online) and you want to drive traffic to your site or products then you need visitors. You can then post a Tweet to your Twitter account and it will be received by all your followers.

I recently came across a Tweet about a peice of software that will allow you to easily follow a very large number of people. (Sorry: I'd link to it but I've forgotten who it was. My memory gets worse during times of stress.) There seems to be some debate about this in the "Twittersphere" but I'll leave that for others to discuss. Basically you follow a whole bunch of people who may have interests that line up with your product or service. Then after a few days, you can check and see which of them are following you back since many people blindly follow those who follow them. Then, you simply stop following the people who are not following you (unless they have information you are interested in) and continue the process again.

So think about that and add a comment telling me what you think of this movement towards HUGE amounts of followers and "followings" (upwards of 3000 or more).

Get Twitter Marketing For Dummies and see what it has to say about the issue.

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